Monday, February 2, 2009

1 Peter 3:1-7 "Marriage Attributes"

Read 1 Peter 3:1-7.

"... purity and reverence,...gentle and quiet spirit...considerate,... with respect...." NIV
It's almost as if Peter is giving a formula for a great marriage. Look at the attributes I pulled out of this passage. 

purity and reverence: How we should live out our Christian life. Holiness and a reverence for the mightiness and awesomeness of God. Our God view affects everything in our life -- the way we worship, the way we do our jobs, how we parent, and how we have relationships. Therefore, this is where we begin in having a great marriage -- with our relationship with God.

gentle and quiet spirit: I am constantly working on this one. It does not come naturally to me. I have always admired older women (I mean in their 80s) who are so gentle and quiet that every time they do speak, you stop and listen because you just know words of wisdom are going to come out. Maybe if I keep surrendering my mouth and opinions to the Lord long enough, by the time I'm 80 I'll be that woman. In the meantime, I keep surrendering away. However, my marriage won't wait until I'm 80, so I must keep a reign on my tongue and temper. I must by God's power and Spirit, maintain a gentle spirit.

considerate: One of the things (of many) that my husband has taught me is if you take the time to meet other people's needs, your needs will be met. You don't have to always go after your needs. Giving to another person will bring about a reciprocal relation where they give back to you.

with respect: Respect is huge in a marriage and I think one of the hardest attributes to maintain. Here is a person that you know the best of anyone in the world. And your love and desire for them to succeed is great. You want them to always come out on top in whatever they try. So you tend to see not only all their strengths, but their weaknesses, as well. And since we are so familiar with one another, you automatically believe you have the right to point out those weaknesses. Hopefully, your motivation is because you want them to excel. Sometimes, it's because you are ashamed of them or feel superior to them. The caution is, you are not perfect, and they know your weaknesses, too. In a marriage, the same grace that Christ afforded to you so freely should be given to those we love and are closest to. Grace is probably the greatest forms of respect we can ever give.

Lord, first, help my relationship with you to be holy and reverent. Then through Your Spirit's filling of a gentle and quiet spirit, help me to be considerate and respectful of my husband. I commit, once again, my marriage to You.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Look up the definition of each of the key words in this passage. Then find more Scriptures on each.
  2. How did Queen Esther exemplify these attributes?
  3. Which attribute do you already do well? Which attribute do you need to especially work on this week? 
  4. Click on the label for this post of "the tongue." Read on ways we are to guard our tongue. How's does this apply to a great marriage?

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