Friday, April 24, 2009

Colossians 1:5-7 "Absolute Truth"

Read Colossians 1:5-7.

"...the word of truth...." NIV
Even though my degree is in English, I've always had a love for the sciences. In fact math and science were my best subjects in school. (I know, why did I get an English degree? That's a God story for another time.) My point is that I have always been one that loved facts. I have always seen life very black and white. If there is no empirical evidence, then how is it true? Except in my spiritual walk. Ironically, every spiritual test I take comes back really high in faith. The only way I can figure that one is that my faith is based on Truth and the data I have is my experience with the Almighty.

Oh, yes, there is a lot of data to prove that Creation was only 6000 years ago, not billions of years. There is proof of many of the Old Testament stories -- the flood, artifacts in The Holy Land, excavated cities, etc. There's even written history for the existence of Jesus Christ. But the Truth of a relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ and the power of His Spirit within me is experiential and can't be proven with tests tubes, Dead Sea Scrolls, or death cloths. But it is living and breathing -- embodied in all believers who have surrendered to His power. Truth is in the cross, tomb, and resurrection. Truth is in God's grace (vs. 6). Truth is in the moment-by-moment guidance of His Spirit in my life. That is the Truth I stand on and will never deny.

The sinful nature is flooded in the temptation to lie -- truth is relative. Religions are even built around relative truth -- deciding what you will believe, and it is different for everyone. In a physical world based on so many absolute truths (i.e. gravity), I am amazed that anyone can't see that there can be a spiritual truth to go with it. But thank our Lord, His Truth is firm and steadfast. The God of Truth who created our universe with laws and absolutes, loves us in the same Truth. His gospel is sure and trustworthy.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Is your faith based on Truth or your own ideas? Really think about that. Even Christians can get sucked into beliefs that are not based on God's Truth but on man's traditions, biases, and cultures.
  2. Why is truthfulness so hard to today? Lying seems to be the norm. Why?
  3. Compare and contrast man's truth with God's Truth. Support with Scripture.
  4. Even though there is not a lot of empirical data for God's Truth, what will happen in the future that will provide that proof?

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