Thursday, July 24, 2008

Matthew 5:27-30 "Guarded"

Read Matthew 5:27-30.

I may not be the best person to be speaking on this subject and if I see a bunch of people walking around without a hand or eye, I’ll really know that I caused more confusion than clarity. So we’ll begin with a basic understanding that adultery is a sin. Period. The Jews of that time would have understood that law. But now Jesus is saying that even looking at another person lustfully is the same as committing adultery. I know as a woman, I have turned my head to look at a good-looking man. Just to appreciate his beauty, of course. But lust is taking it a step further encompassing yearning or a desire to possess.

Now Jesus views this very seriously – to the point of telling you to rid yourself of the offending part of your body so you will remember to not do it again. I know the area of lust can be problem for women, but it is ten times harder for men. And in a society that dresses skimpily, flaunts sexuality, and rampantly exhibits pornography in movies, print, and the Internet, it is not a wonder that men and women are succumbing to the temptations bombarding them. That’s why when Jim and I do marriage retreats, we talk about the eye- and the ear-gate. God calls us to a life of holiness. If we are going to live as Christ lived and respect and honor our marriages and one another, we will guard our eyes and our ears to the best of our ability. We can’t be playing with fire and not expect to get burnt. This is not a game; it’s not a fantasy. People get hurt and lives are changed forever. Don’t go there!!!

I’ll talk about the covenant of marriage tomorrow. For today, choose to give someone’s daughter or son respect by guarding your mind when you look at another person. It’s a matter of heaven and hell.

Further Thoughts:

  1. David experienced major consequences that began with lust. Read David and Bathsheba’s story in 2 Samuel 11.
  2. Compare and contrast verses on lust with verses on holiness. What standard does God consistently call us to and what steps do we need to take to achieve it?
  3. If you struggle with pornography, get help immediately. It can be an addiction that will destroy you and your personal relationships. There is a reason we are to protect our minds.

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