Monday, September 15, 2008

Matthew 13:1-23 "The Persistent Sower"

Read Matthew 13:1-23.

"But the one who received the seed that fell on good soil is the man who hears the word and understands it." NIV
This passage can sometimes make me very sad. I just want more people to be in the good soil group. The other population is so much larger. I have seen seeds on the pathway, seeds among the rocks, and seeds choked off by thorns so many times that I have to fight discouragement. I want to scream, open your eyes, unstop your ears -- this is the Truth. Pay attention; you are missing out.

And then I wonder how much responsibility I must take. Did I show those people what the Christian life is really about? Did they see the victory they could have in my eyes? Did they see the hope in my attitudes and actions? Do I allow the power I do have in the Lord to shine out through my life or am I being sucked into the complaining whirlwind of frustrating circumstances and difficulties. I do not want to be owned by difficulties, but I do experience them. Am I sucked into joining the crowd in unified complaining or do I offer a hope and positive view that I truly believe that God has everything under control?

These four distinct responses to evangelism will forever dominate our lives. So how do we find the good soil and reach those that will accept the Truth? God only knows the hearts of men. I've known many who showed tremendous enthusiasm and eagerness for God, but after a time, they wandered away from their commitment. But that should never stop us from trying. We must continue to spread the seed, share the love of Jesus, and reach out to whoever will listen while walking the life that Jesus would have us walk. We cannot be responsible for other's response, only for our obedience. Out of love for my Lord, I'll continue to throw out the seed.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Read through Acts and be encouraged by the numbers that received Christ through the apostles' ministry. He is the same Lord that is in charge today.
  2. Does "hope" happen automatically because you are a believer? The enemy will constantly work to discourage hope in your life. Look up Scriptures with the word "hope" that will give you strength in seemingly hopeless situations so you are not sucked into his lies.
  3. Does the Christian life take work on our part? Read 1 Peter 4:1-11.
  4. Maybe you are reading this today, and you are one who has not found "root" in your faith. Seek the Lord through prayer and His Word. Find a body of believers to fellowship with. Good soil can be developed, but only through diligently seeking the Lord. He's waiting for you.

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