Monday, September 29, 2008

Matthew 15:21-28 "Crumb Seekers"

Read Matthew 15:21-28.

"Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted." NIV

On first reading it appears that Jesus is acting harshly to this non-Jewish woman and seems a strong contradiction to the Christ we know. We know he speaks to the woman at the well, who was also not of the Israelites. But in actuality, Jesus is fulfilling His calling by bringing the message to the Jewish people, not the Gentiles. That was to come later.

But the woman, rather than being defeated by Jesus' "dog" reference, recognizes her unworthiness of the gift that Jesus had for her. She is simply satisfied with the crumbs from the table if that is all she can get. Such faith appeals to the very nature of Jesus as God - His compassion cannot turn her away when she exhibits such faith.

When faced with the grace of God, we are all but dogs seeking after crumbs. In fact, we don't even deserve the crumbs. Our sin is so abundant and any goodness we possess is as filthy rags compared to His goodness and purity. We must simply and humbly come before Him to receive anything He deems our faith should receive and be thankful. We are not equal with God, never will be. But we have access to the Almighty if we just humble our hearts before Him and believe. If all I ever receive from the Lord is crumbs, I will still be blessed beyond anything this world can give me.

Further Thoughts:

  1. Do you come before the Lord with humility or arrogance? Why does arrogance not work together with faith?
  2. Compare and contrast the attitude we are to take when approaching the throne with facing evil in the world. Support with Scripture.
  3. Why are we granted the grace of Christ now as Gentiles if He came for the Jews?

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