Friday, November 14, 2008

Matthew 26:17-19 "A Certain (Available) Man"

Read Matthew 26:17-19.

"'Go into the city to a certain man....'" NIV

How many times have we read the Lord's Supper story? We know they are in an upper room. We can see Jesus and the twelve reclined around a table. Most of us have probably seen it reenacted in our Easter pageants. The tables are filled with bread, bowls of fruit, and glasses for the wine. The scene is instantly familiar. But have you stopped to wonder whose house they were in?

Jesus sent the disciples to "a certain man." Who was this man? Had Jesus met this person on His travels? Was he someone that Jesus had healed? Was he a prominent man in the city or a religious leader? Or was he a simple tradesman or shepherd?

Did the man know the disciples would be coming? Did he know what was meant by Jesus' message, "My appointed time is near?" If so, who told him? An angel? Or did Jesus warn him at a previous meeting? Maybe the man was still expecting Jesus to make a political or military take over and thought that was the time that was near.

Whoever this man was and whatever he did or did not understand about Jesus' message, he willingly served the Master without question. An unknown man that provided the setting for one of the most dramatic and symbolic events in our Christian rites. His name is not given; he is not immortalized in the Scriptures or da Vinci's The Last Supper. A man of obscurity with a very important role - to serve the Master when called.

We are each people of obscurity in the Christian realm. There are very few Billy Graham's or D.L. Moody's walking the earth. Most of us are simple servants striving to live in the world but not be of it, to learn from the Rabbi, serve Him, and serve others. There are no marquees announcing our accomplishments or awards adorning our mantles. But we are each called to do what Jesus asks us to do. It may seem small and insignificant such as cleaning the house and making a few loaves of unleavened bread. But the purpose is great when the Master arrives.

Lord, I don't desire fame or recognition; position or wealth. I just want to be available to do whatever you call me to do when you call me to do it. Lord, here I am.

Further Thoughts:

  1. Many of the patriarchs were people of obscurity. List some of them and their origins. (i.e. Moses: a poor Hebrew slave's baby rescued from massacre.) Like Moses' walking stick became a source of power when God used it, so can we be used for great deeds when in the hands of the Master.
  2. Are you ready and willing to serve when the Lord calls? What should you be doing in preparation for His assignments? How are you serving in between the bigger jobs?
  3. Do you feel you are not usable by God? If yes, that is a lie that the enemy has led you to believe. We are all given gifts and talents that God can use. (Find the Scripture that supports that statement.) If you don't know your gifts, ask your pastor for a spiritual gifts test. You will probably find you knew your gifts all along.
  4. How does this readiness for service fit with the greatest commandment?

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