Monday, May 7, 2012

"Trust" in Relationships

Jim and I were talking about relationships the other day and the word trust came up. So I was just wondering today what The Word has to say about trust as it pertains to relationships. I looked at well over 150 verses and here is what I found.

Most Scriptures are about trusting in God and His Word as our only source of strength, truth, and hope.

The second highest listing is about what not to trust in. These are some of them: emptiness, extortion, princes, man, deceptive words, neighbor, close friend, lover, oppression, perverseness, brother, bow/sword, flesh, cities, your works, your treasures, riches, your own mind. Some of the items are bad things and understandably something I should not trust in. But, friend, lover? Am I not to trust in these? So I dug further....

These are the only verses I found that said you are to trust another person: Proverbs 3:29 (neighbor), Proverbs 31:11(husband trusting his wife), 1 Chronicles 9:22 (gateskeepers - office of trust), Hebrews 13:4 (honor the marriage bed). [Granted, there may be more, but this is what my search on revealed. A study of the original language would be more accurate.]

I thought this was very revealing. We are to trust in God and basically Him alone. He is our only source of strength, hope, needs being met, comfort, security, absolute truth. Our confidence placed anywhere but in Him is on rocky ground. He alone makes me steadfast and purposeful in the short life I have been given in this world. And trusting in anything else will be my downfall because everyone and everything in my life at one time or another will disappoint and/or fail me. And I them. All of us are imperfect beings and cannot help but fail at one time or another. God is the only one who will never come up short.

Now, here's the catch. Although the Scriptures do not have many verses about trusting others, it does say that we are to be trustworthy and faithful. Look at Proverbs 11:13 (confidence keeper), Proverbs 13:17 (messenger), Luke 16:11 (in wealth), Proverbs 8:6 (in speech), Exodus 18:21 (as men of integrity) and 1 Timothy 1:12 "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service." God found Timothy trustworthy.

Here is the key: while our trust is to be in God alone, we are to live as a reflection of His trustworthiness. How we will live, work, play, and speak should be above reproach as He is above reproach. We are to live so others can trust in us. I am to love others -- that is a commandment. And I must do so with all my heart -- providing grace, hope, and help, believing in who they are striving to become -- and thus, being trustworthy. Choosing to love others is an act dependent upon my heart. Trusting others is depending on their heart. God's heart is the only one I can truly rely upon.

Where is our trust placed? in people? possessions? routines? jobs? titles? reputation? Or in our God? We must choose.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Do a word study on trustworthy and faithful.
  2. How would my life be different if I completely trusted God and lived as a reflection of His trustworthiness?
  3. What do I need to change in my thought pattern and actions to trust God more?
  4. Do I currently reflect trustworthiness? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not?
  5. How can I become more trustworthy?
Father, I have put my trust in many things in my life. Some have been faithful and some haven't. Forgive me Father. I recommit to trusting in You alone. Help me to reflect Your amazing trustworthiness. Change in me what needs to change. And strengthen and solidify those areas I am already doing well. Amen.

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