Monday, November 24, 2008

Matthew 27:27-44

Read Matthew 27:27-44.

"Those who passed by hurled insults at him...." NIV

The flogging, the mockery, crown of thorns and taunts. He endured them all silently. Did He ever want to call down the armies of heaven and command the natural forces of the earth to take revenge on these ignorant people? Did He want to destroy them with a single word? Did God have to look away or could He? The same people that were tormenting Jesus were the ones He was sacrificing for. Could they not see that? Did they ever taunt and torment the lamb they had layed on the altar of sacrifice? Do they not see the tremendous gift of grace and mercy He is giving them? Do we?

My heart is grieved over the blindness that sin brings on humanity. And we've allowed it to happen.

Lord, open the eyes of man to see Your sacrifice in all it's horrendousness and beauty.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Imagine the punishment you should have received for your sins. Then take some time today thanking Him for His sacrifice.

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