Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Faith Through Trials in Action

My Fellow Studiers,

I am currently at my mother's home. We learned yesterday that the leukemia she has is fatal and she does not have long to live. So right now I am taking care of her in her last days and will not be able to blog for a few days.

Know that I am in the Word and the Lord has never been closer or more special to me. His grace sustains me each moment of the day and gives me strength and courage to minister to my mother and her husband. I keep reading James 1 over and over knowing that His Word and His Spirit are my life blood. I do still have joy in this trial. And I do ask for wisdom many times throughout the day.

Please pray with me that my mother will surrender her heart completely to the Lord as Savior before she passes. She knows about the Truth. She just needs to humbly take the step of faith into His arms.

Thank you for holding us up right now. I am so thankful for brothers and sisters around the world. I lift you to our Lord.

Serving Together,


  1. Oh Jer, my heart is heavy for you. I'm so glad you are there. I am praying that Christ's love will ooze out of you to the point that her heart will soften. I love you warrior princess! Elizabeth

  2. Jerolyn,
    There are folks here in Illinois praying for and with you.

    (from Brenda's Tuesday night gals)

  3. Dearest Jerolyn -
    I have been lifting you & your mom in prayer in the morning and again at night. I know that there is no greater love than family. I know, believe, and claim the truth that God's Word won't go void as you share with your mom. You are a faithful daughter of the Lord's and your mom's. You are a daughter that the Lord is proud of and my prayer is that you will see your mom give her life to the Lord again. May the Holy Spirit take charge of her heart! Sweet Jerolyn - continue on mighty warrior, God will give you what you need!!! We're here for you and your family, Rose

  4. Know that our most heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as you walk through this valley.

    Jana & Gregg

  5. DearJerolyn,
    I know your mom's salvation has weighed heavily on your heart. Now
    He has brought you together for this time. I am praying for God's spirit to be upon you and shine through you, such that your mom would be overwhelmed by your spirit-filled words and humility. I pray He will comfort and strengthen you, and that His arms are wrapped tightly around you and your mom. We love you, and are praying for you. Christine & John

  6. Jerolyn ~ I am so very sorry to hear this. I am lifting your mother and you up in prayers... praying for His strength to cover all you in this most difficult time, and that her heart will be tender and open to the truth that is already there. Many prayers my dear friend...

    PS ~ I have been here in awhile, and was drawn towards your blog today... so glad I followed that tug so I can pray for you.