Friday, March 6, 2009

1 John 1:5-10 "The Light of Forgiveness"

1 John 1:5-10.

"This is the message...." NIV
I love this passage. It's so full and rich. First, if we are to have fellowship with God, we are to be walking in the light because He cannot abide in darkness. Can you visualize what we so often try to do? We are walking down a road side-by-side and God is bathed in beautiful light while we are trudging through inky blackness. It just doesn't work. To be in relationship with God, we must be walking in that same light. That means we need to shun the evil of the world that is darkness. We are to not be part of it in any way, but remain in the light as He is in the light. Calling ourselves believers and still walking in darkness just proves we are liars. It isn't possible.

Now I can immediately hear the retort I've so often heard from people claiming to be Christians yet clearly not desiring to live as one. They will say, "No one can walk in the light because no one is perfect. We all sin." Well, the second statement is absolutely true. We do all sin, and that's why the second half of this passage is so wonderful. You see, even if we are surrendered to Christ -- daily taking up our cross to following Him -- we are also human and daily fighting against the temptations the enemy throws at us. We are not successful in dodging those fiery darts 100% of the time. We do sin. BUT, when we confess those sins, He has promised to forgive us. Why is that? Because He is faithful and just.

He is faithful in forgiving us because that is what He promised He would do and He is never a liar. He knew we couldn't live an absolutely perfect life. That's why He has made a provision for us to ask forgiveness through the blood sacrifice of our Lord. If our confession is true and we want to repent of our sin, He will forgive us for our sin.

Because He is just, He will honor His promise of using His Son as the final sacrifice. Justice, in God's eyes, says that someone must pay for the sin. If we haven't confessed with a repentant heart nor truly desire to follow the Lord, then the Savior's sacrifice is useless in our lives. If we are not going to claim the power and sacrifice of Jesus Christ by yielding to Him, then we must accept the responsibility of being the ones to endure the sacrifice. Someone has to pay. The Judge has spoken. The choice of who will pay lies with us.

We all have the opportunity to walk in the amazing light of our Lord and Savior. He already paid the price. Don't make Him watch his sacrifice go unused. Surrender.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Are you trying to straddle light and darkness? 
  2. What changes do you need to make in your life to be walking in the light?
  3. Is there sin that you need to confess blocking your way? He is patiently waiting.
  4. Why can't we separate what we do with our bodies from our spiritual being? How are they tied together? (support with Scripture)

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  1. This is really good.
    I will quit working on my sermon and use this instead.