Monday, March 23, 2009

Joseph: Genesis 37-50

After several days of thinking about this, I've decided to take a different approach and instead of studying a book, I'll study a person. I've also thought for some time I need to do more in the Old Testament. After all, there are valuable lessons to be learned from our elders.

So for today, look over Genesis 37-50 to get an overall picture of Joseph's life. Look back at what has led up to Joseph's life. Read about his father, Jacob. Who was he? Where did they live? Why did they live there? What were some life lessons that Jacob went through that made him the parent he was? (Sorry, the parent's lives do have an affect on the child. Know you've been trying to avoid facing that, but it's true -- for the good and the ill.)

We'll get started tomorrow on chapter by chapter.


  1. I'm excited to be following this blog, wish I had started earlier. 'hail' was more the snow, was in a park right off Garden Hwy. Pretty trippy...

  2. Glad to have you join us, IG. Would love to hear your thoughts.