Friday, July 3, 2009

Hebrews 1:3b-14 "Christ Above the Angels"

Read Hebrews 1:3b-14.

"'Let all the angels worship him."' NIV

People have had a fascination with angels for centuries. Their power and abilities has always been a mystery to mankind. And because of their invisible eternal quality, we have never really been able to pin down who they are. The Scripture speaks some about angels, and the author of Hebrews here makes it very clear that they are not equal in any way to Jesus Christ, the Son.

The Jews revered the angels because the law given at Sinai involved angels. So Hebrews is making sure that the Messianic Jews understood the angels place in the hierarchy.

What I love about this passage is not so much where the angels are in relation to Christ because I already believe they are below Christ. But this passage says so much more about Christ's relationship to the Father and His status as God. He is placed over the angels and made equal with the Father. Christ was at the creation of the world. He is the one who completed the purification for sins. He sits at the right hand of the Father. All beings, including angels worship Him. Even His enemies are a footstool for His feet. Christ's superiority is clearly established.

Then the author closes out the chapter reminding us that angels are just ministering spirits sent to serve us, the redeemed. While that is comforting in itself, that I serve a Master that is God of all is so much more.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Look up the verses regarding angels that the author of Hebrews sites.
  2. Do you rely on angels to guard you or the power of Christ who lives within you?
  3. Read Billy Graham's book "Angels, Angels, Angels." Fascinating read.

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