Monday, September 14, 2009

An explanation

Dear readers (All three of you:)

I know I haven't been very consistent in the last few months. Many "life" things going on and not always near a computer. My husband was on sabbatical, so we were gone a lot. We were also finishing up our book which is to be coming out in October. See for pre-ordering. Note that I a still in the Word, even if I'm not sharing it with you. I'd be completely lost without His guidance and wisdom.

Now, I am on a writing assignment for my church. We are designing a discipleship series, and I am writing the daily studies. Since they are so much like my blog, I'm going to share them here. They don't follow through book by book, but are all on basic theology. If you have any comments or suggestions, they are welcome.

Thanks to you few but faithful. We journey on together.


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