Monday, May 26, 2008

Missed days explanation and a study lesson

Just wanted to let you know why no entries for a couple of days. My daughter was married this weekend and I was away from a computer. In the future I'll try to warn you of misses and let you know when to check in again.

But I do want to emphasize here that it is okay to vary your Scripture study and time alone with God. In fact, it's probably heathier to do so. Keeps interest going and prevents getting into ruts. For example, on the way to the wedding site Friday morning, I had a car load of teenagers who I had awakened that morning and rushed to get ready. I was sure they hadn't had any time alone with God (TAWG). So we all started reciting Scripture and one of the girls had her Bible in her purse and read some to us as well. (One good reason to memorize Scripture. Don't always have a Bible handy.) Then we all prayed together. It was a very special time even while driving on the highway to meet with our Lord. And even though we'd done a lot of planning and preparation for this wedding day, our Master is the One who is still in charge, and we want to honor Him in all we do. I wouldn't want to have my TAWG like this every day. I can't do much studying of the Scriptures this way or really hear how God is speaking to me, especially with a carload of teenagers ;-) But once in a while, life gets in the way of good study time. The great thing is He is always with me, and I can commune with Him anytime I want. Isn't that amazing?!

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