Monday, August 25, 2008

Matthew 9:27-34 "The Doubt That Blinds"

Read Matthew 9:27-34.

"Do you believe that I am able to do this?" NIV
How many times through the circumstances of my life has God asked me this question? Too many to even name. And I'm ashamed to say that there have been many times that I have said, "No." Oh, not necessarily with my intellect; I know God is able to do anything. But my heart and my actions spoke volumes of doubt. And it's not like God has never done anything for me. If I wrote down all the miracles He has performed in my life - known and unknown - I could fill volumes. So why do I allow the doubts to creep in? Why does the enemy get that foothold in my heart to sway me away from that which I know to be absolutely true?

So often we allow the circumstances of the moment to drive out the faith of our history. Not that He's required to prove anything to me, but He has over and over - in my life, in the lives of others around me, and in His Word through the lives of history. But in those crucial moments of decision when I can choose to stand by faith or turn an ear to doubt, I allow my eyes to be blinded to the Truth - That He is Lord, and He is able to do ANYTHIING.

Fortunately, for these two blind men, at the crucial moment their spiritual eyes were open. They saw Jesus for who He was -- the Messiah -- and had no doubt that they would be healed by the Lord. How ironic that the ones who couldn't see all the miracles in life happening around them, could "see" the Son of God standing in front of them. And because of their belief, they received the touch of Christ.

Lord, forgive me for my moments of doubt. Help me in my unbelief to see you as the one and only Messiah that can do anything. Give me an unshakable faith. Open my eyes to Your Truth and power in my life.

Further Thoughts:
  1. Why does calling Jesus, "Son of David" demonstrate that these men recognized Jesus as the Messiah?
  2. When we doubt, we will not only continue walking in blindness, but there can be severe consequences to our doubt. What if Abraham had doubted God when he took Isaac up to Mount Moriah? Read Genesis 22:1-18. How is faith and obedience tied together?
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  4. Have you been allowing your eyes to be blinded to the Messiah's true power? Has the enemy placed so many doubts in front of you that you can no longer see by faith? Repent of your doubt and see by faith with eyes that are healed.

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