Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Genesis 1:1 "God is Creative and Smart"

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. ~Genesis 1:1

We serve such an amazing God! He is not only the creator of all; He is creative. Look at the amazing shapes and colors all around you in nature. He came up with universe after universe and at the same time designed the extraordinary complexities of an atom. Then He made man and woman. And not just one set. He made it so we can reproduce and new life is made in a miraculous combining of cells. And then that life breathes, thinks, moves, and creates in the image of the Father. We stand in awe of His amazing creations and breath out thanksgiving with our lives.

What a mind, if we can so contain His intelligence to a human word! And His thoughts are so beyond our thoughts. He exists and sees beyond time and space. When we are trapped in our large and small challenges of life, He sees the big picture and knows the truth of all that has been, is, and will be. He is the one we want to call Lord.

Further Thoughts:

  1. List God’s creative ways.
  2. What creativity did He put in you?
  3. What creativity and smarts did the Creator place in you?
  4. How can you use your gifts for His honor and glory?

Father, You created me and all around me. Your intelligence surpasses all. And I was made in Your image. May I always use the parts of You that You’ve placed in me to honor my Lord. Amen.

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